classicly preppy


Breakfast casserole: 300
OJ: 100
Coffee w/ cream: 30

Cheese: 70

Sandwich: 250

How long does it take for a broken heart to heal?

Bucket List

Spring Break in PCB
Learn to knit
Get the ultimate hot body
Study a summer in Spain
Learn ballroom dancing
Win him back
Graduate college
Get into graduate school
Earn a Ph.D. in clinical psychology 
Get married
Become a mother
Become fluent in Spanish
Have my own private practice
Fly first class
Meet a celebrity
Own authentic pearls
Buy my dream car
Own a Louis Vuitton “Neverfull”
Learn to golf
Learn to play tennis
Love letter on Juliet’s wall in Italy
Become fluent in French 
Own something from Tiffany’s
Have my dream home
Learn to make homemade bread
Own a beach house 


banana: 100

3 cups coffee w/ cream: 90

Baked potatoe: 100 Asparagus: 30 Texas toast: Greek yogurt: 130